Wildlife Monitoring Workshop with Radio Telemetry an Camera Traps. – Blog N4 (Jul 2019).

Ecuador is one of the 17 most mega-diverse countries in the world. From a geographical point of view it is small, but is the most extensive in terms of its many different regions which include: the Galapagos Archipelago, the Pacific Coast, the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Basin, Andean mountain landscapes, tropical dry forests and rainforests, badlands and snowy volcanoes, glacial and tectonic lakes, and mangrove forests. With an area of just 0.1% of the Earths total surface area, Ecuador is home to the most animals and plants per km squared in the world. The “Amazoonico” Wildlife Rescue Center was

A Boa Imperator visit us

  On Thursday 12th December at 7AM we were visited, at The Exotic Blends Industrial facilities, by a Boa Imperator, measuring 1.5m in length. Our friend, Placido Palacios from the “James Brown’ Wildlife Rescue Centre, helped us rescue the boa and return it to it’s natural habitat in one of the remnant forests situated in the El Armadillo Biocorridor.   The Boa imperator is a non-venomous species of snake; the color of its back is grey with a series of wide dorsal marks in the shape of a chair; its head has three dark stripes from its nose to neck;

Bio Corredor, The Armadillo – Blog N2 (10 Oct 2019)

Our companies & brands goals towards producing neutral carbon footprint products: In three years, we will have 83 hectares of riparian land, 52km in length, reforested with an increase of 20,000 trees in the vegetation layer. We hope to capture/draw down 71.971 Tons of CO2 every year, emit 28.000 Tons of oxygen and substantially improve the water basins in the Biocorridor hydric system. Design and launch an environmental education programs with schools in the province and training programs for farmers related to the effects on crops caused by climate change. We also plan to establish a “Think Tank” for environmental

Bio Corredor, El Armadillo

Climate change is one of the main challenges that businesses all over the world must tackle in order to protect our future and that of the planet. Businesses, through their impacts on collective wellbeing, play a key role in this objective, helping to improve the people’s lives through the products they offer and the services they provide, thus contributing to economic and social development. All productive, industrial, commercial activity and even those of the running of a home, have some kind of impact on climate change.We become greenhouse gas generators by consuming, directly or indirectly, fossil fuels (industrial processes or