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Bio Corredor, El Armadillo

Climate change is one of the main challenges that businesses all over the world must tackle in order to protect our future and that of the planet.
Businesses, through their impacts on collective wellbeing, play a key role in this objective, helping to improve the people’s lives through the products they offer and the services they provide, thus contributing to economic and social development.
All productive, industrial, commercial activity and even those of the running of a home, have some kind of impact on climate change.We become greenhouse gas generators by consuming, directly or indirectly, fossil fuels (industrial processes or transport), by generating food waste which contaminates the environment, and by demanding significant quantities of raw material that require fertilizers.
Our responsibility as global companies & brands, is to assure our consumers, workers, shareholders, suppliers and supply chain. That we are aware and actively working towards overcoming this strategic challenge.
Our commitment is to become, in the short term, a group of companies & brands whose products are neutral in their net greenhouse gas emissions, in other words have a ‘Neutral Carbon Footprint’.
This commitment inspired a new adventure and purpose: to create reforestation projects using the best technology and stakes, to care and commit to the allocation of areas to be protected in the long term, and to compensate for the greenhouse gases emitted by our industrial processes.
In 2018 we began working with the idea of designing and creating a Bio corridor. With the support of public sector´s environmental organizations in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas in Ecuador we developed the appropriate environmental legislation to guarantee the permanence of the project.

The area allocated for reforestation program was mapped out using a satellite, which provided images of the terrain and enabled us to outline a corridor which links together existing spots of primary forest through river basins and along water channels. The resulting bio corridor is hunter´s-free meaning that the species within the forest can move across considerable distances with the hope that genetic exchanges can be established.
We are committed to developing mechanisms so that our consumers, all over the world, can participate first-hand in this project; in its progress, successes and challenges. This is not a project where we ask our consumers to pay to be part of the experience.
We consider it´s our obligation to the planet to invest, work and train so that our brands and companies can be a vehicle and guarantee for our environmental objectives. Simply by scanning the QR codes on our packets or through our social media, consumers can check in, in real time, on our progress in meeting these objectives.
In the future, we hope to inspire and support new Bio corridor initiatives, in both the public and private sectors, throughout the countries we interact. (Where in some way we intervene productively and commercially.

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