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A Boa Imperator visit us


On Thursday 12th December at 7AM we were visited, at The Exotic Blends Industrial facilities, by a Boa Imperator, measuring 1.5m in length. Our friend, Placido Palacios from the “James Brown’ Wildlife Rescue Centre, helped us rescue the boa and return it to it’s natural habitat in one of the remnant forests situated in the El Armadillo Biocorridor.


The Boa imperator is a non-venomous species of snake; the color of its back is grey with a series of wide dorsal marks in the shape of a chair; its head has three dark stripes from its nose to neck; its belly is mottled yellow. Their life expectancy is between 25 – 30 years and they reach between two to three metres in length, some have even reached 5 metres. They are carnivores and eat small mammals, birds, lizards and amphibians. The main threat to this species is hunting (for their skin, meat and body parts), and combined with loss of habitat the population of boa has decreased.


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